Where Technology and Human Resources Meet

Troy Stuckless, Human Resources Consultant, Eastern Health

Troy Stuckless, Human Resources Consultant, Eastern Health

When I started with Eastern Health in 2007, I never imagined myself working in the Human Resource (HR) technology department, mainly because I didn’t even know it existed! But, in the past two years there has been a positive, energetic, and fresh ‘reboot’ to our approach to Human Resources.

I was having a great time working in recruiting, but I could certainly see areas for improvement. If you’re anything like me, you want to see your profession continue to advance and you want to learn new and innovative ways to improve your job. Truly, I’m very fortunate to work in an area that is encouraging both.  It’s one of those things that makes you excited about your job, and makes you want to do better than the standard.


This is where HR Technology comes in.  Although many positive changes have happened internally to improve our practices since the development of HR Technology, the one that is most visible is our new online job posting and application tool – and my first project – eRecruit.

eRecruit - Careers @ Eastern Health, Apply Online

eRecruit – Careers @ Eastern Health, Apply Online

When we first started this project, I thought it was going to be relatively straightforward; was I ever wrong!  The online system for internal and external positions at Eastern Health known as eRecruit quickly became my life, and I found myself lost in the tedious details of implementing a new system for 13,000 employees. Luckily, I was quick to learn how much of a team we really are, not only within HR, but with Healthcare Technology and Data Management (HTDM) and Communications as well.

Being the first major project I was involved in, it was hard not to want to have my hand in every aspect. If it failed or something went wrong, I would feel responsible. But as many of you know, that’s an impossible and unrealistic attitude to have.  Fortunately, everyone involved in the implementation of eRecruit really understood the importance and need for such a system, and everyone added their own personal touch to make it better.

Making information accessible

Where Technology and Human Resources Meet

Where Technology and Human Resources Meet

Although eRecruit has officially launched, we are continuously making improvements based on the feedback we’ve received, and I expect this to continue for years to come as technology advances. I know we will face several challenges, but I believe eRecruit, along with several new projects in the works, will see Eastern Health become a leader in ‘accessibility of information’ for employees.

Our initial goal was to post all external competitions through eRecruit and to gradually move internal competitions in that direction. We were hoping for a few thousand users. However, to date, over 5,000 employees and 5,300 external candidates have become registered users! Considering the fact that not everyone in our organization is applying for jobs, having nearly half of the staff registered is truly amazing and exceeds all expectations. ■

This story was written by Troy Stuckless, a Human Resources Consultant in St. John’s.

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