More Good Things for MoreOb®

Photo from 2012 files: (l-r) Obstetrics patient at Health Science Centre and Tracey Carter, Annette Coates and Suzanne Langmead, obstetrical nurses with Eastern Health.

Photo from 2012 files: (l-r) Obstetrics patient at Health Science Centre and Tracey Carter, Annette Coates and Suzanne Langmead, obstetrical nurses with Eastern Health.

A hospital’s obstetrical unit is a very complex, intensely interactive and technical environment.  That is why the safety of mothers and their babies is always the highest priority at Eastern Health. To enhance our services, Eastern Health uses Managing Obstetrical Risk Efficiently – or MoreOb® – a national program that is built on evidence-based practice standards and guidelines.

More Good Things for MoreOb®Currently in its fourth year, the program is designed to manage obstetrical risks by way of education, team building and practice related to potential critical events. The program also focuses on all the health care disciplines involved in a baby’s birth, including obstetricians, nurses, family physicians and hospital administrators.

Dr. Robert Kennedy, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with the Children’s and Women’s Health Program, was highly involved in the rollout of the MoreOb® program throughout the eastern region.

“A clinical error is best addressed by developing a culture where patient safety is a shared responsibility,” says Dr. Kennedy. “MoreOb® encourages a more standardized approach, which allows our obstetrical staff to explore how we can learn, work, and change the culture of patient safety together as a team.”

On March 23, 2013, Salus Global, administrator of the MoreOb® program presented a recognition award to the MoreOb® team affirming their hard work and dedication.  And in another initiative, the MoreOb® team won a video contest that further promotes the MoreOb® program. The winner was chosen based on the number of votes by the program’s patients and the public.

Accreditation CanadaLast October, we also announced our accreditation status by Accreditation Canada, and have achieved a 94.2 per cent compliance rate of eligible criteria for national standards of excellence!  The national accreditation process has traditionally taken place every three years, and is designed to assess a health authority’ s compliance to national, program specific standards in the areas of quality, risk, safety and ethics.

Accreditation Canada recognized Eastern Health for implementing MoreOb® in our obstetrical service, saying: “The program has been well-received and engagement among all members of the obstetrical team is high. Clinical outcomes are being monitored and early results indicate an improvement in the management of high-risks pregnancies and a reduction in post-partum hemorrhaging. The obstetrical service in Eastern Health has won a national award for their level of engagement and the progress made in implementing MORE ob. Well done!”

But wait – there are MORE achievements to celebrate!

More Good Things for MoreOb®Since the initiation of the MoreOb® program at Eastern Health, we have seen the following changes in our practices in the area of obstetrics:

  • a reduction of brachial plexis (damage to the shoulder of a newborn) of 33 per cent;
  • a reduction of post-partum hemorrhage (profuse bleeding after the baby is delivered) of 14.5 per cent;
  • a reduction of caesarian-section rate of 6.5 per cent.

“We are very proud of our participation in the MoreOb® Program, one of our many initiatives that will help enhance the areas of patient safety and quality assurance,” says Jeanne Robertson, Regional Director of Children and Women’s Health Program at Eastern Health. “We are also very thankful to have such great employees who make our participation in the program possible!”

This story was written by Zelda Burt, a media relations manager with Eastern Health, based in St. John’s.

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