Giving from the Heart at the Hoyles Escasoni Complex

Giving from the Heart at the Hoyles Escasoni ComplexEveryone needs to be loved and appreciated. This is a common belief among the people working at the Hoyles Escasoni Complex. On a daily basis, the employees who work here demonstrate loyalty, dedication and affection to residents and their families and to each other.

As a manager at the Hoyles Escasoni Complex, I think it is very important to recognize staff for their hard work and to let them know that we appreciate them, as do our residents! Thankfully, through the continued efforts and activities of our site Respectful Workplace Committee and the Relocation Celebration Committee, we are able to acknowledge and recognize the respectful, affectionate and heartfelt actions of our peers.

These committees have hosted several staff recognition events and contests that enable our staff to acknowledge their coworkers’ acts of kindness towards our residents and each other. These initiatives include:

  • Building Respect One Snowflake at a Time – a winter recognition initiative that encourages staff to place paper snowflakes with positive messages about a coworker’s contributions on a free standing snow man in the main lobbies of the Hoyles and Escasoni buildings.
  • Turning Over a New Leaf – a fall recognition initiative whereby staff place leaves containing positive comments about their coworkers on a paper tree in the main lobbies of the Hoyles and Escasoni buildings.
  • Hotdog and Hamburger Appreciation Recognition Project – an annual summer BBQ that celebrates the staff at the Hoyles Escasoni Complex. At the event, papers shaped as hot dogs and hamburgers are given out to employees so that they can write a positive note about a coworker in the workplace.

Giving from the Heart at the Hoyles Escasoni ComplexThe entries from these initiatives were heartwarming…

If the adage “actions speak louder than words” is true, then these reported acts of kindness truly are evidence that our staff care for residents beyond their daily duties:

“She is very caring and loving to her residents; so much so that she visited a resident outside his window on her wedding day dressed in her gown– touched my heart.”

“One of the residents loves to sing a particular song, so the staff member learned the song so he could sing it to her.”

“Nursing staff often use their personal break time to provide extras to residents, such as taking them out for a walk on the grounds.”

Threaded throughout the entries were many stories of our staff bringing birthday and Christmas gifts to residents with no family, and celebrating resident milestones such as anniversaries and good bye celebrations with residents and their families.

Our staff’s ongoing commitment to caring for our residents was evident in the way they spoke about one another.

“She puts her heart into her job. She cares about every resident and goes over and beyond to help for them.”

“A very kind person, he shows love in all he does and the residents at Hoyles Escasoni Complex are very lucky to have him as a care provider.”

“Recreation staff provides lots of cheerful happy events and gatherings in which you can witness the residents’ faces light up with happiness.”

Giving from the Heart at the Hoyles Escasoni ComplexOur staff’s giving nature does not stop with the residents – it is engrained in their relationships with each other. Amongst the comments made during these events, staff also talked kindly of their working relationships, saying things like:

“Such a wonderful crew to work with, welcomed me with open arms, so friendly, helpful, caring and dedicated.  My family away from home.“

“She always treats new staff with respect and goes out of her way to help them learn.”

“During the snowstorm, shoveled out my car and cleaned snow off.”

“Asked how a fellow co-worker was during a trying time and offered words of encouragement.”

“A pleasure to work with and definitely a good example to others.”

“Is worthy of acknowledgement and recognition for her genuine giving spirit as she offers her tremendous creative skills in helping with various staff related activities.  She goes above and beyond.”

“Is very considerate to others every day.  His motto is to treat people the way he would like to be treated, and it just comes naturally to him.”

“They are VIPs (Very Important People of Great Significance).”

There are so many amazing stories from staff at the Hoyles Escasoni Complex that demonstrate their caring and giving spirit.  I thank each and every one of you for your hard work – and hope that together we continue to cultivate positive working relationships and provide our residents with the love and care they deserve.

This story was written by Art Morgan, long-term care manager with responsibility for the Hoyles Escasoni Complex.

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