Vickie Kaminski: A Farewell Interview

In June of 2009, Vickie Kaminski arrived in St. John’s from Sudbury, Ontario to take the reins of Eastern Health.  It was a particularly challenging time in the health authority’s history. The Cameron Inquiry into Hormone Receptor Testing had had a profound effect, and the new President and CEO would be required to address significant concerns, both internally and externally. Ms. Kaminski tackled them head-on, and for many, became the face of Eastern Health.

After five years characterized by challenge, change, growth and achievement within Eastern Health, Friday, May 9, will be her last day at the helm. As she prepares to take up a new position as President and CEO of Alberta Health Services, Vickie Kaminski spoke with Communications manager Deborah Collins to reflect on her time at Eastern Health: her challenges and accomplishments – what she’ll miss most – her advice to her successor – and her plans for the future.

This interview was conducted by Deborah Collins, communications manager with Eastern Health, and videotaped and edited by Phil Simms, graphic designer/photographer with Eastern Health.

2 responses to “Vickie Kaminski: A Farewell Interview

  1. It is obvious Ms. Kaminski has never eaten what passes for meals to patients at our hospitals. The ingredients just barely meet nutrition guidelines. The meals are stale, boring totally lacking in imagination and I think keeping our people in hospital longer than is necessary. I have seen so many of them that if I were a patient I would rebel. I bring my husbands meals to him as often as possible. How can we expect our sick to get well when served this garbage? Most of the time the people in the room play the guessing game. What is it? Our govt. has no shame when they can treat sick people in this manner. I think the meals come just above those served in the German prison camps. They are certainly not what Newfoundlanders are used to. Frozen peas and carrots twice a day. Under cooked and disgusting. Meat that cannot be cut by those who cannot use their hands properly. Baked spaghetti a day old. Macaroni and cheese which is pretty much devoid of cheese. The meals are truly disgusting. The patients cannot identify what they are eating but are send a slip of paper with what it is supposed to be. Mystery meals, yes. Disgusting.

    • We are sorry to hear about your experience. If you were unable to resolve any questions or concerns with your care team directly, we encourage you to contact our Client Relations Office toll free at 1-877-444-1399 or 777-6500. The Client Relations Office provides you with an additional avenue to voice your concerns and have them addressed. You can also email client relations at:

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