Youth Outreach Worker, Jeff Moulton with his wife and four children.

Youth Outreach Worker, Jeff Moulton with his wife and four children.

No ifs, ands or butts, he knew it was time to stop.

Jeff Moulton will admit that quitting smoking was no easy task, but it was a task he was committed to completing. Like many, Jeff made numerous failed attempts, but this time was different. This time he was about to embark on a new journey.

Jeff’s first day as a Youth Outreach Worker at Eastern Health was also the day that he smoked his last cigarette.

“I was hired at Eastern Health and at that moment, I decided that I had the opportunity to apply a fresh, new start to my new life,” said Jeff. “I didn’t want to go to work smelling like an ashtray, I just knew I wasn’t going to smoke anymore and I haven’t had a cigarette since.”

While it may seem as though his final victory came easy, Jeff admits that there were many struggles along the way.

“I had been smoking since I was 12, that’s 21 years. I tried to quit more times than I can count, but my parents, my siblings and all of my friends smoked – it was very difficult.”

The struggles are certainly paying off for Jeff. Four months later and he says he feels like a completely different person.

“The positive impacts that quitting have had on my life are endless,” said Jeff. “It feels like I’ve had the flu for 21 years and I’m finally on the mend. My lungs feel better, my teeth are whiter, my fingernails aren’t yellow, I don’t get headaches as often and I smell good!”

Jeff isn’t the only one who is benefiting from his decision to quit smoking. His four children and wife are also reaping the rewards.

“Quitting smoking has also allowed me to be a better husband, a better father and a better me,” said Jeff. “I can sit down with my family and enjoy a meal without thinking about cigarettes and I have even taken a keen interest in reading about healthy eating, relationships and parenting. I am more focused and present in everything I do.”

Now in his new role at Eastern Health, Jeff has found even more reason to maintain his new healthy lifestyle.

“While I have four kids at home, I also have a ton of children at work. I am a Youth Outreach Worker and it’s important that I am a positive influence for ALL of my clients. While I tried quitting before, this time was a success and I thank Eastern Health for that!”

Jeff is a firm believer than anyone can quit smoking if they stay focused and he promises that while it may not be easy, it’s definitely worth it.

“You know that feeling when you open your eyes after a great night of sleep, feeling completely revitalized? That’s how quitting feels – let that be your motivation.”

Eastern Health is proud to be smoke free! If you are interested in quitting smoking, please contact the Smokers’ Helpline. Eastern Health also offers numerous supports for employees, including; a comprehensive smoking cessation program, subsidized Nicotine Replacement Therapy, subsidized prescription medication reimbursement and self-help materials. Together we can, be smoke free!

This story was written by Angela Greenslade, a communications specialist with Eastern Health.

7 responses to “No IFS, AND or BUTTS!

  1. Congratulations Jeff on your new release on life. I am so happy for you and your family. A new day. A new life. You will be an excellent role model for youth. Personally I am allergic to cigarette smoke. I wish you well each and ever day friend. Take good care of yourself. Hope your story gets shared with many.

  2. Hey Jeffrey… you are indeed one of a kind.. with such a big heart that puts everyone you know first, you can be extreamly proud of yourself and your acomplishments… so very proud to be your uncle…. and all those Kids are so luck to Have you… All the very Best Buddy…

  3. Congratulations on beating the habit and on your new job as well. You are an inspiration to many! Proud for you and your family 🙂

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