Celebrating Excellence!

Eastern Health has recognized several individuals and teams within the organization, whose achievements, contributions and approach to their work are considered outstanding by their peers or supervisors.

The fourth annual CEO Awards of Excellence were presented during Eastern Health’s Employee Recognition Week (June 9-14).  A total of 56 nominations were received in seven categories, which include Leadership Excellence, Mentoring, Innovation, Safety, Community Capacity Building, Team Excellence and Service Excellence.

The awards were presented by Don Keats, interim CEO and President of Eastern Health, who said “Although I am new to this position, I am both impressed and inspired by the great work happening every day, and these awards offer an opportunity to formally recognize the outstanding work of Eastern Health employees.”

StoryLine interviewed the winners just after they received their Awards of Excellence:

Check out photos from the 4th CEO Awards of Excellence Ceremony, held in St. John’s on June 11, 2014.

Interviewer: Deborah Collins is a communications manager with Eastern Health, based in St. John’s. Videographer: Angela Lawrence is the manager of graphic design services with Corporate Communications, based in St. John’s. Video editor: Phil Simms is a graphic designer/photographer with Corporate Communications, based in St. John’s

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