RNC Officers and their Horses: Excitement Mounts at Eastern Health

Many in the St. John’s area have had the privilege of seeing and interacting with the RNC Mounted Unit as they patrol our streets on their magnificent Percheron horses.

But there are some citizens, particularly those in long-term care facilities, who often don’t have that opportunity.

During National Police Week, May 11-15, 2015, RNC officers turned the table and brought their horses to Eastern Health patients and residents. As 19th century psychologist, Helen Thompson Woolley says, “in riding a horse, we borrow freedom.”

This short video captures that taste of freedom. ■

Phil Simms is a videographer with Eastern Health who filmed and created this video. Robyn Lush is a Communications Specialist with Eastern Health and narrated the video.

3 responses to “RNC Officers and their Horses: Excitement Mounts at Eastern Health

  1. Great story, But tell me what happened to confidentiality. I guess that went right out the door. The use of paitent/ resident names on something that I have seen all over the internet. Frontline staff would be displined and scrutinized if they did anything remotelycloseto this.

    • The privacy and confidentiality of patients, clients, residents and staff is very important to Eastern Health. Residents and staff were pleased to take part in this video and provided consent to be filmed and interviewed.

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