Jeff’s Gift: One Family’s Journey to Organ Donation

Pat Loder shares the story of her family’s decision to donate their son Jeff’s organs after he tragically passed away in 2016. Her belief in the importance of giving to others, especially in the midst of loss, is a poignant reminder that we all have the power save a life by choosing to become organ donors.


This interview was conducted by Robyn Lush, communications specialist with Eastern Health, and videotaped and edited by Phil Simms, graphic designer/photographer with Eastern Health.

20 responses to “Jeff’s Gift: One Family’s Journey to Organ Donation

  1. My brother is currently waiting for a lung transplant. You story has touched me deeply. There are earth angels. You and your family can proudly join that group.

  2. What an amazing, beautiful selfless family! Your son/brother, Jeff’s organs are keeping other people alive! What a gift!!! May God bless you all & may He continue to give you strength!

  3. This is a terrific story. My heart goes out to this Mother and Jeff’s family. What a selfless thing to do. Heartwarming.

  4. What a magnificent family and truly a great story. You and your family are the angels on earth. God bless

  5. Beautiful story!! I have been there and sure know how it feels💛💛
    Gives us a reason to go on.
    God Bless.

  6. my heart aches for you and your families loss! Just know you have made an a difference in many other families lives with the gift of life your sons gift will live on through other moms,dads,sons and husband was the very fortunate recipient of organ transplant last month.we thank all those people who sign onto the organ donation list . God bless you and your family.

  7. You are truly an inspiration, my friends … may your difficult decision, resulting in life for others, continue to bring you comfort … thank you for sharing xoxox

  8. I lost my niece very suddenly in 2015,she was a organ donor and because of her generosity and selflessness she has given hope to the donor recipients who now live through her.So proud of her.

  9. Very touching. My younger sister received a liver Dec 23, 2015. Best Christmas present ever. It was scary but everything worked out ok for her. We will always be so thankful to the family who made this tough decision to donate their loved one’s liver. They will always be in our prayers and so will the person who lost their life.

  10. We did the same thing in 2010 when our son got killed in a car accident. It was hard to do but we did it. By donating his organs, it gave young people another opportunity at life.

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