Lighting the Way, Navigating Together

The lighthouses found along our shores represent one of our province’s most familiar and iconic symbols. A lighthouse stands for clear vision and safe navigation, shedding light on both the big picture – and the individual path.

In the darkest circumstance – it can mean the difference between safety and danger – life and death. It has been the symbol for Eastern Health for many years: an appropriate one for health care – given the clarity of vision, direct communication and safe care that are essential to the health-care journey.

 Lighting the Way: Navigating Together is Eastern Health’s Strategic Plan; it will chart our course over the next three years. The plan is founded on five strategic priorities – or five guiding principles – which govern both the big picture and the daily tasks and by which we measure our progress.

The following video highlights examples of how Eastern Health’s dozens of programs – and more importantly, thousands of people – are working to bring the plan to life.


This video was written and produced by Deborah Collins and Phil Simms of Eastern Health’s Corporate Communications department.

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