Bonavista Primary Health Care

Primary health care is about providing the right care at the right time in the right place – a focus on healthy living by prevention, health promotion and support for self-management, improved coordination and continuity of care.

In 2016, a unique partnership developed between Eastern Health and community representatives. The Bonavista Primary Health Care Community Advisory Committee (CAC) was formed to re-design primary health care in the region – exploring innovative and cost-effective ways to improve the quality and delivery of health-care services. This included implementation of one of the province’s first electronic medical records (EMR) – a single patient record that is more readily available, up-to-date and results in more efficient diagnosis and more effective treatment.

As the following video shows, the result has been a successful model of health-care delivery that is now being adopted throughout the eastern region. 

You can also view this video on Eastern Health’s YouTube page.

The production of this video was managed by Eastern Health communications manager Deborah Collins.

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