Steamplicity®”how it’s made”

Eastern Health has implemented Steamplicity® in our St. John’s acute care hospitals. It’s a system that enables patients to make their own meal selections at bedside. With the assistance of a food service associate, patients choose from a restaurant-style menu, with a choice of entrée, appetizer, dessert and beverage for each meal.

Food is cooked under steam pressure, using an innovative valve control system and the natural moisture in a meal’s ingredients, which provides nutritious, tasty food. Steamplicity® also helps reduce food waste because patients actually get food they choose, all while getting a better patient experience.

In this video, follow an entrée as it is prepared at the Cuisine Centre in St. John’s and delivered by our team of food service employees to a patient’s bedside.

You can also view this video by visiting Eastern Health’s YouTube channel. 

This video was produced by Phil Simms of Eastern Health’s Corporate Communications department.

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