Healthy Aging – It’s in Your Hands

Did you know that Newfoundland and Labrador has the largest aging population in the country? And it’s no secret that our province also ranks highest for chronic disease and obesity. Yes, we all get older. It’s a fact of life. But for many of us, we have some control over how we age.

As Seniors’ Month draws to a close, we’re featuring an interview with Dr. Susan Mercer, division chief of Geriatric Medicine with Eastern Health, about the simple steps we can all take to live healthier lives as we age.

You can also view this video on Eastern Health’s YouTube page.

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For more information about healthy aging and resources for seniors, please visit:
Eastern Health Seniors Services:
Physical Activity Toolkit for Older Adults:
Age-Friendly Newfoundland and Labrador Communities Program:
City of St. John’s Seniors Programs:
City of Mount Pearl Seniors Programs:

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