From UVA to UVB, Sun Safety Tips For You and Me

As summer peaks and the temperature becomes warmer, it’s tempting to lounge in the sun and soak up the rays. For many, it’s the promise of a sun-kissed glow; for others, it’s the guarantee of much-needed Vitamin D. Regardless of the reasoning, lounging, working, and playing in the sunshine have their share of risks.

While it’s important to spend time outside as part of a healthy lifestyle, it’s also important to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays. Most types of skin cancer are preventable – including melanoma, the seventh most common cancer in Canada.

To help you stay safe in the sun this summer (and all year-long), we’re featuring an interview with Bernadine O’Leary, a clinical educator with Eastern Health’s Cancer Care Program, who shares practical tips that go beyond sitting in the shade.

You can also view this video on Eastern Health’s YouTube page

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For more information about sun safety, please visit the following websites:
Eastern Health:
The Canadian Cancer Society:
Health Canada:
The Canadian Dermatology Association:

To check the UV Index in your area, please visit Environment Canada’s website: 



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