Barry Efford: Everyday Hero

You’ll see him here, there and everywhere throughout the surgery and OR corridors of the Janeway Children’s Health and Rehabilitation Centre. And more often than not, he’s attached to a stretcher, a wheelchair – or a young patient!

Barry Efford is a personal care attendant, whose responsibility it is to take children to and from the operating room. . .and to generally make them feel more comfortable in an unfamiliar environment. In the 15 years he’s been doing this, Barry himself has become a familiar beacon of assurance for all the children he works with.

On National Child Day, we thought it appropriate to take you behind the scenes in a pediatric hospital, and highlight the work of one employee who has dedicated his life to making a hospital stay better – one child – one day – at a time. ■

This video was co-produced by Phil Simms, a videographer, and Deborah Collins, a communications manager, with Eastern Health in St. Johns.

3 responses to “Barry Efford: Everyday Hero

  1. I think of Barry as “the child whisper”.Barry is amazing with the children who really need that extra reassurance that everything is going to be O.K. I’ve never met anyone quite like him before. It’s great to work along side someone so caring and kind .Congratulations Barry!


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