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7 responses to “Contact Us

  1. 15 hrs in st Claire’s emergency department to get an X-ray read . 300pm on Friday afternoon to 600 am Saturday morning .

    It’s a simple X-ray on a twisted ankle to know if it’s broken or badly sprained?

    It’s almost 6 am and we haven’t seen a doctor yet if this is the norm we have a very serious problem with our health care system here in Newfoundland

  2. Hi I was wondering how to go about the release of information for our visits in the year 2020

    • Please refer to the “Privacy and Access to Information Office” section of the March 3, 2021, PSA entitled “Points of Entry at Eastern Health Facilities” via To access the PSA, please click on the “Archives” section and then the corresponding PSA: “PSA_Points of Entry at Eastern Health Facilities.”

  3. i registered for my Covid shot a month ago & since then i called about it ,was told i would be called. I have heard of many people going to the clinic at Village Mall & these are people much younger then me I got myself ready as i am in pain from my back after surgery & i got turned away by that security who should be fired immediately bossy, rude person, who wouldn’t listen & said you must have appointment but i am there standing & questioning why others younger walked in & have the shot & i am a heart patient since 2014 plus i soon will be 79 .My time was wasted & it was all due to that security when i said this is a good story for Paddy Daley & he asked Who I said Open Line He then pointed to the door & said there is the door What a idiot & he was sitting down by exit door leading to mall area & talking back to much younger women who got their shots This was 610 pm yesterday & there wasn’t a dozen waiting so i could be home with that needle only for him I wont ever go there again if that rude person is there. Millie

  4. Not fair that we are only allowed 6 visitors and then you can’t scratch someone of the list and add another even if they have left town. That violates our section 6 CCC ” feeedom of movement”.but of course you won’t care because you are just another government pawn. Closing down all these business making people to bankrupt all the while you and the politicians go with a paycheck. All the while screw the rest of society. Covid or not. Alot of people dying because they can’t get the chemotherapy, dialysis they need to save their life. Buncha bullshit 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  5. Making us remove our masks at the entrance is essentialy giving us a chance to be exposed to covid everytime we remove our masks.

    And that deprives us of section 7 of the Canadian charter which states “everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to deprived thereof”

    So what are you going to do to fix that. I will be talking to a lawyer today about taking legal action against Eastern health for their deprivation of our liberties.

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