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To provide feedback related to Eastern Health’s StoryLine blog or to submit a story idea, please email

If your inquiry is not related to this blog, we encourage you to visit Eastern Health’s Contact Us page via for general program/department area contact information, including appointment phone lines. Alternatively, Eastern Health’s Client Relations Office is a formal venue to provide feedback with the care or services you have received from Eastern Health. Feedback can be in the form of a compliment, a comment or a complaint.  Contact information is included below:
Client Relations Office:
Eastern Health
Phone: (709) 777-6500
Toll Free: 1-877-444-1399

2 responses to “Contact Us

  1. 15 hrs in st Claire’s emergency department to get an X-ray read . 300pm on Friday afternoon to 600 am Saturday morning .

    It’s a simple X-ray on a twisted ankle to know if it’s broken or badly sprained?

    It’s almost 6 am and we haven’t seen a doctor yet if this is the norm we have a very serious problem with our health care system here in Newfoundland

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